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Greener Pastures3 December, 2015
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How Photography Can Help Sell Your Home in the Winter

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Ann Snortland

It might seem counter intuitive to think that photos of your home's exterior and landscaping could help sell the property in the middle of a cold, snowy winter. The secret is in choosing the right photos.

We all know a beautiful, well-kept landscape adds to the curb appeal and value of a house. It literally draws buyers in and helps them envision enjoying time in the outdoor spaces.

How many of you get a secret satisfaction when yours is the first green lawn on the block in spring? You've taken great pride in the way your house appears from the outside. The problem is, all that hard work and effort is often hidden in the winter. The trees lose their leaves, plants go dormant, gray skies dull the exterior finishes, and snow often blankets and obscures some of your home's best assets.

One way to help buyers imagine the possibilities is by creating a year-round montage of photos. They can envision themselves on the patio having a barbecue with friends and family. They can see themselves stopping to smell the roses. Or, they can taste the sweetness of a fresh cherry tomato, picked from their own garden, as it explodes in their mouth.

So, if you are considering selling your home in the future, be sure to capture your yard, garden, hardscapes, and other exterior highlights through all the seasons. If you are already on the market, it's not too late! Scour through existing photos and look for any that showcase your home's outdoor features.

These pictures can be used to market the property, and even placed in a photo album left on the counter for prospective buyers to peruse when they tour your house. Give people a chance to imagine themselves in your home on the perfect spring or summer day.

In short... If you want to get it sold, blast away the winter's cold!

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