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How to Pick a Good REALTOR4 April, 2017
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How to Pick a Good REALTOR®

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Ann Snortland

There is a TV commercial currently airing that talks about how much we research a car purchase and how little we research the insurance company we use. The same can be said of real estate. We agonize over what house to buy, but we don’t always spend as much time selecting a REALTOR.

Your home is often the largest investment you’ll make. Whether buying or selling, finding the right REALTOR is very important. That is the only way to protect yourself and your asset. But how do you know if you are picking a good one? There are clues to look for and questions to ask that will help you ensure you are putting your home sale or purchase in capable hands.

Experience Does Matter – Every real estate deal is different. An experienced REALTOR will have many transactions under their belt and will be better equipped to handle the unexpected items that are sure to come up in your deal. Ask about their experience. If it is a new agent, make sure they are backed by an experienced team. New agents are hungry and will work hard, they just need to be backed by experience for help and guidance. Another clue is to look for designations (the letters at the end of their name). This shows a commitment to staying current and getting extra training.

Communication is Critical – Real estate is a highly time and date sensitive business.  It is critical that your real estate agent is responsive and is proactive in their communication when you are in the middle of a deal or are searching for your new home.

how to pick a good realtor
It is equally important to keep sellers in the loop to know what the level of interest is in their property and what the market is doing. Putting your house on the market can be stressful. You don’t want to be left guessing.

A good agent quickly responds to your calls and proactively communicates regularly to keep you up to date on what’s happening. Ask your agent upfront how they plan to communicate with you and tell them what you expect.

Trust and a Connection are Important – Think about how a REALTOR makes you feel. Do you trust
what they are saying? Do you feel confident that they will put your interest ahead of their own? Are they telling you the truth? Buying or selling a house is a big deal in your life. It is important to trust the person you are working with.  If the little voice inside your head is questioning the REALTOR you are talking with, it's time to listen to that voice and perhaps consider working with someone else. It is important to figure this out before you sign any kind of agreements binding you together.

A good agent immediately forms a bond and connection. You feel good about working together.

Presentation Counts – Consider how the prospective REALTOR presents him or herself. Are they professionally dressed? Do their marketing materials present the right image? The way a real estate agent presents them self is a good indicator of how they will represent your property.

Attention to Detail is Key – You enter into a legally binding contract when buying or selling a house.The smallest details can have a huge impact on the success of the deal. It is your agent’s responsibility to represent you and to sweat the small stuff. Bad things happen in a real estate deal if you don’t pay very close attention to the details. Ask your prospective agent how they ensure all the important dates and other items in the contract will be met. What processes are in place to ensure they are?

Follow Through is Required – "Say what you mean and mean what you say," is an old expression that is completely relevant today. A good agent can be counted on to follow through and do what they say they are going to do.  If not, you may have the wrong agent. Look for early indicators. Are they on time for appointments? Do they return calls in a timely manner? Do they get information back to you quickly?

Taking a bit more time to fully research and vet the person whom you will trust to help buy or sell your home is time well invested. The right person will make the process run much more smoothly, protect your interests and get the job done. All while making the experience as positive and enjoyable as possible.

That is the Clearwater Montana Properties way. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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