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No Points For Participation14 October, 2015
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Why Sellers Should Make Themselves Scarce During Showings

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Rebecca Kyle

On a run this week in the beautiful Montana fall, I recalled a recent showing of a cute cabin in the woods. The place had it all... Rustic charm, nice updates, and a great location for recreation. All the boxes were checked. Unfortunately, the cabin also had a seller who had, at the last moment and unbeknownst to me, decided to "participate" in the showing.

 I remember approaching the home with a certain spirit that day, positive that Mrs. Buyer and Cute Cabin were a can't-miss combination. Having just finished a rainy, muddy run, I set my shoes by the front door and turned the handle. All confidence deflated rapidly in the ensuing - and brief - exchange.

"Oh, hello Mr. Seller," I looked up, stammering slightly, "I wasn't aware you would..."

"Not to worry! Just come right in!" Mr. Seller was a friendly sort... But intensely so. He reached for Mrs. Buyer's hand to bring her inside. "Now, watch for the dip in the floor there. Would you like some tea? 'Course the microwave doesn't work, but it'll only take a minute to heat up on the stove!"

Mrs. Buyer had gone pale, flushed with some combination of surprise and fright. "Thank you. I, ummm. No thank you."

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"Suit yourself," Mr. Seller said. "Now listen, don't mind the draft. If you keep the thermostat above 80, you'll never notice. You like sweaters? I like sweaters. Alright, then. Where should we start?"

I tried to save the showing, hoping for a painless exit and a reschedule. "You know, Mr. Seller, don't worry about us. We'll just have a quick look around and be out of your hair."

"Nonsense," he said, "I've got all day! Alright, this here's the master bedroom. Very comfortable, and you only have to put that bucket down to catch drips when it rains for more than an hour. Now over there's the kitchen. That painting is an original number done by my grandson, and it stays with the house... Perfect size to cover up the fire damage. I sure do love to cook!"

"It... It's lovely," Mrs. Buyer stuttered. I was losing her. Make it stop. If the Real Estate Gods can hear me... Please make it stop!

"Okay, on the front deck there where you came in, I've gone ahead and done away with the railing. Just a handy way to remove unwanted guests. Hahaha! Haha... Hey wait! Where you goin'?"

That was it. Mrs. Buyer was making a break for it. She kicked off her heels, grabbed my running shoes, and sprinted down the driveway out of sight. I haven't seen or heard from her since.

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There's a lesson here for sellers. Trust your Agent to know the features of your home and communicate its value. After all, that's why you hired them! Prospective buyers will spend more time in a home when they feel comfortable. They should be allowed to picture themselves living there, and to explore freely without pressure. Like to be hospitable? Set your home at a comfortable temperature, maybe turn on a little music. Heck, bake some cookies if you'd like. But you'll do yourself and your trusted real estate professional a great favor by making yourself scarce during the showing.

Thanks for reading. I'm off to look for a new pair of shoes.

Until next time...
Rebecca, The Running REALTOR®

The Running Realtor

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