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Keeping Records of Home Improvements29 November, 2017
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Taking care of your home and keeping good records of any repairs or improvements can be a big help when it comes time to sell. Buyers want a house that is well cared for, and having records gives them an extra level of confidence that the work was completed to proper specification. 

Many REALTORS® and sellers will advertise the improvements made to a house. “New” and “updated” are big draws to buyers. You often see houses described as having a new roof, newer appliances, updated wiring, updated kitchen, new deck, etc. These are all important selling features and will help attract offers. Save those receipts!

Once an offer has been accepted, you enter the inspection phase of a deal. This is when buyers will ask about the improvements promoted. It is extremely helpful to have receipts for the work. This helps buyers understand what products were used, when they were installed and by whom.

If you think about it, this is really no different than buying a used car. One of the first questions you always ask is how well the vehicle was maintained, and what records the seller has to prove the car was serviced on a regular basis. 

Saving receipts for regular maintenance on major systems in your home is also a good idea. When you service the furnace, pump the septic, or sweep the chimney - it is always a good idea to save the receipts.

In addition to showing a regular maintenance schedule, receipts will often have notes from the service provider indicating the health of the system. It is also helpful for the buyer to know who has been maintaining the systems if they choose to keep using that provider.

Extra tips when you are getting ready to sell your house 

  1. Track down and organize all receipts from improvements, repairs and regular maintenance.  Have them ready to show buyers to help raise their confidence in your house.

  2. If you can’t find receipts from important projects - such as replacing a roof - ask the contractor who did the work. They may be able to provide you with a copy of the receipt. 

  3. Take care of any quick fixes and deferred maintenance that you can. This removes any potential barriers for buyers and avoids potential doubt from their mind. And, of course, save the receipts!

Buyers want a safe and secure home, and providing history of the maintenance and improvements you have done to the house can put potential buyers at ease.

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