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Prepping Your Home for Winter3 November, 2017
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BY Kevin C.
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Kevin Connolly

Winter is fast approaching – and in parts of Montana it’s already here! For some, it means hitting the slopes or starting up the snowmobiles. For others - it means holidays, family gatherings, and strong eggnog.

Regardless of your interests or activities – everyone is looking to stay warm through the season! Taking some time to prepare your house for winter can save on heating, maintenance, and even keep your home a bit warmer during the coldest days. Below are a few tips on how to best prep your home for the season.

Flush & Drain – Water expands when it freezes, and that can spell trouble for some of your gardening and watering equipment. Make sure to turn off any external faucets at your house, as well as drain garden hoses and any lawn irrigation system that you might use.

how to pick a good realtorClean Your GuttersIt’s a simple and unglamorous chore, but cleaning your gutters can have a major impact on the health of your roof, home, and walkways. Clogged gutters can lead to a buildup of ice and create ice dams that might compromise your roof system. Keeping the gutters clear also means that melting snow gets carried away, rather than dropping (and refreezing) on your walkways.

Warm the Plumbing - Did I already mention that water freezes when it gets cold? Same goes for your indoor plumbing as well as your outdoor plumbing – with older pipes being especially susceptible. Opening cabinet doors can help warm pipes during the coldest days. And if you are leaving for a long trip, have someone stop by to run some hot water through the pipes every couple of days. It can be the difference between owing a friend a favor, and owing a plumber a bunch of money.

Insulate the Hot Water HeaterOne easy way to save money on power is to keep your hot water heater insulated. Keeping that big tank of water warm isn’t cheap, and wrapping insulation (or even some thick blankets) around the appliance can lower your monthly power bill.

Use Those Window CoveringsWindows are great for light, but make for horrible insulation. Closing your curtains at night can create a buffer between those cold glass surfaces, and help keep your home just a little bit warmer. Just remember to open them up in the morning to let the sunlight in!


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