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Choteau, Montana



107 N Main Street
Choteau, MT 59422
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choteau montana

Where Dinosaurs Walked

If you’re looking for a landscape that epitomizes the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, then look no further than Choteau and the surrounding area. Incorporated in 1913, Choteau is on the edge of the Rocky Mountain Front, also referred to as the ‘third coast’, a nod to its power to attract new residents and visitors. Located in Teton County Choteau has a history of agriculture that dates back to 1800’s and a diverse wild lands area that is the perfect playground for the outdoor enthusiast.

Named after the French fur trader and trapper, Pierre Chouteau, this small town with a population of just under 2,000 was one of the last trading posts along the Missouri River. Once a modest, yet bustling center of trade in its day, Choteau is now a way point and base of operations for residents and visitors looking to explore the Rocky Mountain Front, Glacier National Park, and the Teton River, national forest and wilderness access areas. If you can do it outdoors, you can do it around Choteau.

Choteau Dinosaur

Beyond its rich history and cultural significance, Choteau also has one of the worlds most protected and revered paleontology sites. Egg Mountain was discovered in the 1970’s by paleontologist Jack Horner. Mr. Horner was the paleontologist that helped push the science in the Jurassic Park movies. His discovery of dinosaur nests became the number one source for understanding the biology of dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period and to this day Egg Mountain remains one of the most significant fossil finds in the world.

choteau ranch

Whether you're looking for a piece of recreational property, a ranch, or a home site tucked up in the Rocky Mountain Front, contact the agents at the Clearwater Montana Properties office in Choteau. They can help you discover the area and find the property of your dreams.

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