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Helena, Montana



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helena montana

The Capital of Montana

It was gold that made Helena what it is today. It was in 1864 that four men found gold in what would become Helena's main street. The men named their claim “Last Chance Gulch” and pulled gold from it until it dried up in 1867. During the rush, the area started to fill up with people working the mine and offering goods to miners. It was about that time that the four original men decided to name the town after Saint Helena. After a time, the saint was dropped and Helena still stood.

At the dawning of the last quarter of the 19th century Helena became the capital of the Montana Territory. However, when Montana was granted statehood it wasn't clear that Helena would keep its capital status. Two men fought over where the new capital would be. The first was Marcus Daly, the 'Copper King' of Anaconda. The second was William A. Clark, another wealthy mine owner who wanted Helena to maintain its status. In the end, it was Clark who won out and Helena remained the capital of the state of Montana.

helena montana state capital

The downtown area of Helena is a historian's paradise. The city is laid out amongst the steep gulch walls as the northern part of the city spills out into a wide valley with pristine, scenic views. The capital building offers wonderful Greek Renaissance architecture and the decorations inside include murals that show the history of Montana throughout the ages. Beyond the stately buildings of downtown there is the St. Helena Cathedral that is constructed to mimic the Votive Church in Vienna, a striking pose amongst the rocky mountains surrounding the town.

There is a lot to do in and around Helena. Water themed entertainment is had on the Missouri River as well as a handful of lakes that are just minutes outside the capital. In these waters you'll find some of the best fishing in the state, but you can also swim, boat or ski in the deep waters of the lakes. If you'd like to learn more about the history of these waterways and how the travels of Lewis and Clark play into them you can take boat tours of certain areas to learn more.

Helena, Montana

If you are looking for property in or around Helena, then you need to speak with the real estate agents at Clearwater Montana Properties. The Helena office has information about the area, what properties are for sale and how to find something that fits all your needs. Don't hesitate to take a tour with a real estate agent that understands the area well.

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