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Polson, Montana



201 Main St.
Polson, MT 59860
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Polson, Montana

The Big Lake

The gorgeous city of Polson is located on the southern edge of Flathead Lake. Named after rancher David Polson, the city boasts of population of nearly 4,500 people and is part of the Flathead Indian Reservation. The city is a bustling hub of stores and restaurants that greet visitors mainly during the summer months and outside of town there are an endless amount of activities to take part in.

Flathead Lake is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River. The climate around the lake is conducive to growing orchard crops. As a result, Flathead Lake is brimming with orchards of all kinds, but perhaps the most popular are the many Flathead cherry orchards, which are turned into wine, jams and other delicious items. In addition to the orchards, Polson is surrounded by rolling hills, mountains, rivers and of course Flathead Lake.

Polson Montana land for sale

At 27.3 miles long and 15.5 miles wide, Flathead Lake has a ton of shoreline and limitless possibilities for recreation. Much of that recreation can be had in and around Polson, with opportunities to fish, swim, snorkel, boat and ski. On any given day, this massive lake is flush with motor boats and sail boats alike. There is plenty of room for everyone and you can always find a place of your own.

As a larger city in this area, Polson has many services that smaller towns don't typically offer. In this big-small town you can stock up on groceries, find small craft shops that sell local items and food and also find a place to stay for the night. Larger hotels even offer conference facilities. But the real draw of this area is the lake and the opportunities it offers visitors and residents alike the chance to get outside and enjoy Montana.

If you are considering moving to the area or are thinking about purchasing a summer home or recreational property, contact the real estate agents at Clearwater Montana Properties. The agents in our Polson office are ready to help you navigate the area to find the perfect property.

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