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Swan Valley, Montana

Swan Valley

Swan Valley 

6124 Hwy 83 North
Swan Valley, MT 59826
p. (406) 754.3300

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Swan Valley Condon Montana

Condon Or Swan Valley -- Either's Fine

Originally, this small town located an hour from Glacier National Park was called Condon. But, when the local residents decided on a name change, they chose Swan Valley. Although the name change was unofficial, it caught on enough that the post office will recognize either name – as long as you get the address right. Regardless of the name you use, Condon or Swan Valley, is a remote area of Montana that offers a tranquil setting and a simple lifestyle for those who love nature.

Swan Valley is growing rapidly, like other small towns in the area. Although it has a year round tourist season, the summer months are when activities really pick up and the population blooms along with the wild flowers in the fields. Some of these visitors have decided to take up residence adding the total year round population. But, with so much open space and room to move about, a few more residents is hardly noticeable.

Swan Valley Condon Montana

The town itself, has a 10 mile long 'main street' that is also Highway 83. You won't find all 10 miles packed with restaurants and shops, but instead, a scattered collection of unique stores and others that carry the basic necessities for a modern life. Outside town you'll find yourself just a stone's throw away from the Bob Marshall and the Mission Mountains Wilderness area in addition to the Seeley and Swan Lakes. Like other areas of Montana, this area is paradise for those who like to hunt, hike, bike, swim and play.

If you are looking for a place to live or a piece of property to ranch or recreate, you need to talk with the real estate agents in the Clearwater Montana Properties office in the Swan Valley (and Condon). They understand the area and can show you around the hard to find spots and the out-of-the-way places so you can find the place of your dreams.

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